14 Replies to “Best Places To Invest Your Money For the Short Term

  1. Paying off debts is a good start to acquire wealth. Saving money and
    earning don’t always equate to having wealth, but when you find the right
    assets for you, your investment can go a long way.

  2. Lending club and Prosper won’t let you invest with them unless you are in
    the right state. They are not available to all states.

  3. Hey am about to start a racehorse operation if anyone wants to invest with
    me in return ill get 10% profit after they break even. pm me for more info.

  4. If all debts are paid off (mortgage is ok)Rather than earning less than
    1.5% on your money on CD’S just keep you money in cash
    for when transactional opportunities arise. I love cash for short term
    (less than a year). Make sure to back this up with physical gold/silver.
    After that, move into safe dividend paying stocks in your ROTH. Also,
    contribute the maximum amount that your company matches for you 401k. Live
    below your means and always pay yourself first. It took nearly 3 years of
    working full time, and working during school to make sure it was paid off,
    but I now have peace of mind. 

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