William Ackman: Everything You Need to Know About Finance and Investing in Under an Hour

William Ackman: Everything You Need to Know About Finance and Investing in Under an Hour. WILLIAM ACKMAN, Activist Investor and Hedge-Fund Manager We all wan…

how to invest if you only have 10000 ten thousand dollars. Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt talk to millennials about the best way to invest ten thousand dol…
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34 Replies to “William Ackman: Everything You Need to Know About Finance and Investing in Under an Hour

  1. Why this is pointless, “you need to start investing when you are 18 with
    $10k until you are 63”, “but first you have to pay off your student loans,
    credit card debt ad be financially secure,” which is not going to happen
    for most people until they are around 63 if ever. But they want more
    investors in the stock market because it increases the value of rich
    peoples stock without new investors the whole thing collapses the stock
    market is just a pyramid scheme.

  2. Very good video. The first part is basically the application of what I
    would call mathematical logic as you play the role of the person in charge,
    all decisions are made using first hand data as you generated it by running
    the company. Then the investment part focuses more on experience, trust and
    gut feeling; which is still a form of logic, just a different kind. You’re
    dealing with second or third hand information and therefor you first need
    to trust the information you are working with before you apply any
    mathematical logic. For those that gave up early in the vid, watch it all.
    If you don’t fall into the math logic pot you will fall into the other as
    the 2 skills are generally separate, i.e. numbers people tend not to be
    people people and people people tend not to like analysing mounds of data.

  3. A business begun on a loan would be frowned upon by Mark Cuban. Shouldn’t
    profitability be the primary aim before investing in it?

  4. Tapped out at 9:40. I was gonna give it an honest go but,this isn’t for me.
    Is finance complicated by explaining it? 

  5. Great video… just one correction: Investing in McD… “the quality is
    pretty good”… Now I don’t know your definition of quality food… but I
    know for sure that McD is not quality food at all. 

  6. This is amazing….I aspire to become a portfolio manager of a hedge
    fund…someday and also manage my own portfolio and I must say this video
    keeps everything simple in providing a general overview….simply brilliant

  7. Great video. I couldn’t help but notice how influential Buffet has been on
    Ackman during this video. He practically reiterates everything that Buffet
    states. Good breakdown and easy to understand.

  8. This is elaborate and concise. I was assiduously clinging on to every word
    he spoke. I wish I knew about this stuff way earlier. I will, however,
    bestow this knowledge upon my kids. Amazing. 

  9. He didn’t really mention the massive advantage of investing in ‘the whole
    market’. For example, investing in an index linked tracker that follows the
    FTSE 100 or the S&P 500. That’s a power method. Also did he mention the
    disadvantage of hiring fund managers? Their charges outweigh their benefits
    in 96% of cases according to Tony Robbins book.
    I recommend you all check out John Bogle the investor if you haven’t

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  11. Guys, if you get ANY investing advice from comments, (ESPECIALLY YouTube
    comments) you’re gonna have a bad time.

  12. If everything was taken from you, would you pick sales to rebrand? in other
    words, is sales the starting way to wealth then u can do

  13. I’m at the 7:50 mark and I’m trying not to throw up. Let’s see if I can
    stomach another few minutes of this annoying bs to see if you’ll actually
    give out any advice or not. Oh great, 13:30 and my brain is about
    to hemorrhage.

    If this communication strategy works for you then keep it up, more power to

  14. I was skeptical when this episode stared, thinking that +Grant Cardone was
    about to start pushing a stock #pleasehelpus. But the man is still the man
    by saying you don’t invest that baby money until you’ve improved your
    skills. I spent almost 10 years, 16-26 reading every book I could get my
    hands on. Started 2 small business that we’re mildly successful, started my
    last one with $3k, now makes $200k, using the $70k in profit to start
    another biz that will make $1mil per location.
    So sit on that baby money until you’re ready to make moves to turn it into
    big boy money. And don’t invest in stocks, invest in yourself and start
    your own business and hustle until you can afford to pay others to hustle
    like you and train/pay them well. 

  15. Great show, one question;
    How do you approach you employers to discuss to be paid in commission
    rather than hourly?. How much percent of the total sale amount should be
    paid out? 3% 5%. Thank you guys

  16. +Grant Cardone This is probably an outlier but I invested “baby money”
    5,000 USD in Bitcoin and Alternative Cryptocurrencies from 2011 – Present.
    I made my first million last year. When Bitcoin/Blockchain 2.0 tech comes
    into play next year I’ll double that. 

  17. “Energy you put into the marketplace” <-- Nice! Lots of people are putting lots of energy all over the place and getting lots of attention in other areas, but not in the marketplace that will pay them for their energy. (*ahem* I'm not talking about myself, of course.) Great show, guys!

  18. Hey Grant! We are taking your advice up here in Virginia about investing in
    ourselves first and getting our name out there. We started up a YouTube
    channel to get people thinking about us first when it comes to Network
    Marketing and MLM. Check us out and give us a subscribe. We have an episode
    all about you on there called the “Grant Rant” We also give you a shout out
    in our first video as well and always have your books on our desk while
    recording. Great stuff! Keep it coming.

  19. Hi jared and Grant, could your next episode be about “energy”?, I think
    mantaining energy is vital to success, but is actually a hard thing to do
    everyday, sometimes you just dont feel like it. Some people just have those
    levels of energy in them, but some like me sometimes have to fake it, due
    to some issues. it would be nice hearing some advice.

  20. Grant’s right. Wealth is created by using other people’s money – leverage
    is the most misunderstood but most power tool to create wealth.

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