Contractor VL Earplugs with Music and Volume Limiting

Few things can make a long day on the job go by quickly like listening to your favorite music while you work. In hazardously loud working environments, it can be difficult to listen to music while still being able to protect your hearing — which is absolutely critical.

Enter Plugfones Contractor Earplugs – hearing protection earplugs with music.

Noise above 85dB (fairly common in construction, factory, and other industrial settings) can cause permanent hearing damage. That means you just can’t give up your hearing protection in order to listen to tunes on the job. But with Plugfones, you can have the best of both worlds: NRR 25 hearing protection and music.

IMPORTANT: Built-in volume limiting keeps these earphones to a safe volume, so Plugfones will never damage your hearing, even after long hours of frequent usage. That makes Plugfones Contractor VL ideal for OSHA-controlled workplaces. These Contractor VL earplug earphones limit volume to a safe 82dB, per OSHA standards. With their noise blocking, most people find that audio volume satisfactory. However, Plugfones Contractor earplug earphones are also available in a model without volume limiting here.

Plugfones Contractor Earplugs are tough, created to stand up to daily use. Replaceable plug tips plus rugged construction will keep your Plugfones healthy and working day after day. You can arrange your Plugfones to fit your clothes, environment, and range of motion thanks to a long, flexible, extra rugged cord. Both silicone and foam tips are included so you can get a comfortable, effective fit. And because they fit so snugly, Plugfones won’t fall out while you work — but they’ll still create a good seal against noise, so hazardous sounds stay out and your music stays in, with good quality and clarity. (These same features make these Plugfones a good choice for jogging, running, or the gym.)

Plugfones Contractor Earplugs with Music Features:

Available in hi-viz yellow
Double reinforced jack fits most phones, mp3 players, etc
Flexible wire casing and generously long cable
Super comfort fit and improved sound quality
Safe volume limiting technology
Replaceable plug tips
90 Day Manufacturer’s Warranty
NRR 25

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