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  1. You will find lots of wrong information within in his speech. Ex. No
    companies is benefited after accruing a company. Thats wrong. What abt Tata
    Motors> Jaguar .Both doing well.

  2. hi debashis there is a big debate about investing. he said have you ever
    seen a trader in forbes. i dont think that this man has any idea about the
    amount of billions taken as a profit by traders each year. if wall street
    traders dont make money so who makes the money? investors are the beggars.
    they choose a stock and wait 30 years. well if they are right they show off
    if not they lose all their money. and as he said he will sell 50% less. the
    list of forbes are made by people who own companies. even one buffet is one
    of them he owns large stake in some companies. he bought too much in the
    fifties so he has money. this man is talking to some people who have money
    so they put them into stocks and wait for 15 years or more.
    do they know what the companies will be after 15 years. no so since no one
    knows the future even with solid information so what s the catch of
    teaching people to read the balance sheet. see what these mutual managers
    are doing. they take their profit from the investors money right away
    right? then ask the investors to wait 15 years. why not these managers
    have the same risk as the investors? there is no safe investment
    whatsoever. when you buy a stock you will never know if after 15 years will
    be good or bad. sometimes investors saw their investment disappear day
    after day month after month and these managers ask them to wait more until
    one day everything is gone. now who will always it is the investors. do
    these mutual fund managers lose? no since they cut large portion of the
    money even before they invest it.

    see what happens in the usa in 1929 or 1987 or 2008. well can these
    managers forecast that. they cant. have they built wealth?

    thats why these people push people to put the investors money into stocks
    and tell them ok dont worry. we studied the balance sheet. and when the
    investors lose money what will happen . nothing. because those mutual funds
    have already get their thick salaries and their percentage plus bonuses.
    mutual funds dont invest right thats why they are safe. thanks

  3. @40.55 he says to initially look for an average return on income – ROE of
    15% (or 50% pronunciation unclear) over the last 10 yrs of a company,
    eliminating best and worst years. Time to sell when promoter’s share drops
    below 30%.

  4. Am I able to invest? I’m 15 years old,and really want to become successful.
    I honestly don’t have any knowledge about how to perform investing but have
    somewhat learned how it works with shares and getting more money then you
    invested.. along those lines. It would mean the world if you replied, I’m
    at the age where I’m extremely ambitious but can’t really do anything in
    the position I am. (Age wise) seems like you have to be over 18 for most
    forms of income. Like I said I would be very thankful if you replied,

  5. +Gregg Killpack What is your email so I can ask you questions so I can
    fully understand and conquer investing. Please.

  6. Nice video Gregg im saving some money for next year cause i wanna lean how
    to invest into stocks, and ive been interested in doing it this vid helped
    out alot to get a better understanding how it works.

  7. +Gregg Killpack I have never invested in stocks, I was working for a
    company that had offered me a 401k plan and when I left the company I
    rolled it over to a IRA account at Merril Lynch, and now I would like to
    invenst that money in stocks but at the same time i dont want to go crazy
    and loose it all. How can I start it?

  8. What is the difference between a stock and a percentage share of a company?
    One stock equals what percentage? Please explain to me the relationship.

  9. Gregg Killpack i would like to learn more and understand more about
    investing.. i was wondering if u could tell me more about it, if you don’t

  10. Once a decade real estate, or stocks plummet. I really like that point, but
    is that actual fact? I make $9,500 net per month, but I hate the way I make
    it( truck driver). I want to invest, but I seem lost. I don’t know if
    buying a house right know is prudent. I already own a house, which has 60k
    debt. The house is worth 450k-500k. I feel like I can make good money
    investing, but I’m lost. Maybe I wait for that plummet which will happen
    this decade. Idk 

  11. Thanks for the information, but a question i have to ask is are we about to
    have the same market “crash” very soon being that the economy is going up?
    i want to say some where between 2019 and 2020. 

  12. Investing is very confusing. Been doing a lot a research on it. I don’t
    have a lot of cash so I have to start small. Do you have any suggestions.

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