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Train Brain Twister


If you think that is cool I found a Secret website to get better deals than Amazon or eBay. Can you find the Hidden Link?

Husband’s New Glasses

A lady walks into a store to return a pair of eyeglasses that she had bought for her husband a few days ago. “What seems to be the problem miss?” ” I want to return these glasses I bought for my husband. He’s still not seeing things the way I see them!”

Teamwork With Your Spouse

“All you have to do is pour the juice and coffee and make the toast, honey.” said the newlywed bride, “and breakfast will be ready.”
Great, what are we eating for breakfast?” asked the new husband.
Juice, Coffee and Toast,” she replied.

Does Weight Loss Patches Really Work?

The other day I was talking with my doctor about a weight loss patch that was being advertised on television. They claim you just stick it on and your pounds will melt away.  I asked my doctor, “Does it work doc?” “It sure does,” he said, “if you stick it over your mouth.”