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Best Places To Invest Your Money For the Short Term

With interest rates at all-time lows, investors are looking for places to get a high return on their money. The fact of the matter, there isn’t a ton of choi…

5 Ways to Save on Health Care Costs

These ideas will help you stay healthy and keep costs down. 
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The 1 Thing That Can Really Change Your Career

You’ve got to think big to see significant results.
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4 Questions to Ask Before Filing Your Own Taxes

Use this guide to see if you can do it yourself or need to hire a profession. 
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3 Ways Money Leaks Out of Your 401(k)

Workers who take early 401(k) withdrawals are typically worse off in retirement.
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Report: Job Seekers Are Optimistic and Ready For Change

And more of them are using Facebook – not LinkedIn – to find new opportunities.
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The Secret of Wealthy Older Adults

Financial literacy may be the key to wealth for seniors.
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3 Enticing Investment Moves to Avoid

Following a hot investment tip isn’t likely to make you wealthy.
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The Lover’s Guide to a Memorable (and Cheap!) Valentine’s Day Date

Follow these three steps for a date to remember. 
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